Health & Beauty Vertical Sitting Pretty on Pepperjam's Ascend™ Platform

By Pepperjam on November 20, 2020
2020 has certainly brought with it it's fair share of complications and unpredictability. But it has also shined a bright light on some of the many benefits affiliate marketing can provide for marketers. Namely, a risk-insulated opportunity to acquire new customers and nurture repeat business (thanks to the inherent pay-for-performance model) as well as affording marketers the ability to work with partner types that may have been out of their reach in other paid channels.
And while the pandemic generally had widespread, negative implications across many retail businesses, one vertical that still makes looking good look easy is the Health & Beauty Vertical. In fact, 2020 retail ecommerce sales for health, personal care and beauty are expected to grow a whopping 32.4% over 2019.
Download Pepperjam's Affiliate Marketing Sales Index to see YoY performance of Health & Beauty brands on the Ascend™ Affiliate Cloud Platform.

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